Municipality of Shkodra is the centre of the region bearing the same name, with a surface area of 872.71 km square. It borders the municipality of Malesia e Madhe to the north, municipality of Tropojë to the east, municipality of Vau i Dejës and Lezha to the south and Adriatic Sea and Montenegro to the west. Shkodra municipality, extends from the Albanian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. It cosists in 11 administrative units and 93 villages. The city of Shkodra, lies close to the Shkodra Lake, Buna and Drin river respectively the biggest lake in the Balkans, the biggest river in Albania, referred to the flow rate and the longest river. Kir is another important river, flowing to the east of the city. The three rivers conjunction at the foot of the Rozafa castle creates a spectacular view from the castle hill. For the most part of their flow they form a natural border between Albania and Montenegro.

Shkodra and its lowlands are surrounded by a number of mountains: The highest peaks are Jezercës (2 694 m), Cukal (1 722m), Maranaj (1 576m), part of the Albanian Alps. The Adriatic Sea lies 30 km west of the center of Shkodra where you can find beaches of Velipoja, 8 km long and Rrjolli 6 km.